Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #137

a tumble begins the adventure
chasing a white rabbit
mystery drink drunk
becoming a shrunk girl
eating a cake to become a giant
crying many tears to make a pool in a room
fanning herself and shrinking again
falling into a pool and getting wet
running a race to dry off
an errand bringing her to the white rabbit’s house
another mystery drink gets her stuck in one of the rooms
she shrinks again after eating pebbles become cakes
the caterpillar teaches her to eat mushrooms for size control
attending a mad tea party
visiting the duchess
then ending up rescuing a baby
meeting the cheshire cat in the forest
joining the queen of hearts for a game of croquet
meeting the mock turtle and gryphon
attending the knave of hearts trial
growing large and brushing away the deck of cards with ease
waking up at her sister’s side and telling the tales
this is the way of a wild mind
go ask alice

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