Life In A Cruel World

Armin Lotfi

Being deaf wouldn’t lessen the atrocities I see around me.
Being blind doesn’t shield me from the screams of anguish.
Being mute won’t stop the tears I’d shed in agony.
Being paralyzed can’t keep me from helping when there’s a need.

Being ignorant puts off the inevitable.
They say ignorance is bliss.
But even the ignorant can feel pain.
It’ll come. Just wait for it.

13 thoughts on “Life In A Cruel World

  1. I think it’s the infrequency of that anguish and suffering that people mean when they say ignorance is bliss. But yeah, I completely agree with the first three sentences.

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    1. That’s possible and very true in those situations but in this piece, ignorance referred to those who are at a disadvantage because of cognitive understanding. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and giving an added layer of meaning! 🙂

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