We Owe Them

Looking at the world around me, I see a tremendous amount of beauty, but woven into the fabric of living is much that is distressing. The sadness and cruelty that falls upon the young ones, the vulnerable, and the innocent ones is heartbreaking, and worse some of us humans don’t even care that it happens. What is wrong with our world?

Children didn’t ask to be born. They are entitled to have parents who are loving, nurturing, kind, and not dysfunctional. Many days and nights, even doing the best that I could be as a parent, have left me with guilt-induced sadness. I know that I didn’t live up to what I thought should be great parenting; I made many mistakes.

As adults, we have a responsibility to provide the next generation hope their lives will bear fruit in a world that is notoriously treacherous to navigate to begin with. They deserve only the best. If all babies were born wanted, loved, and raised appropriately, future generations would thrive. Maybe. I hope.

Fingers crossed Charles is right!

23 thoughts on “We Owe Them

  1. I remember asking my therapist whether or not we can actually break the cycles of trauma and abuse. She said each generation is wiser than the one before and therefore, healing. I hang on to this belief.

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  2. This is such a beautiful write up Susi. I love that thought about one generation being kind and caring towards their children can change the world and future generations

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