Stephen W. Buchanan


The weather changed
and storms roared in
and lightning ranged
o’er thund’rous din
But then you smiled
and for a while
sunshine was mine 

Begin Anew

With twist and turn
and swoop and sway
from stem to stern
I moved today
As I unpack
I know I’ll crack
to see just me

Flower and Flame

Solitude stands
in the shadow
watching the sands
in the moon’s glow
very aware
hope rides the air
and change arranged

Who is to Blame

Fighting demands
that verge on wild
sticky the hands
that hold the child
comforting cries
with little lies
and pleas for peace

Nature’s Presence

Nature has seen
what man has done
the times between
each rising sun
Yet fan or no
a tomorrow
will be set free

Connections Lost

I’ve lost my mind
and lost my way
so please be kind
and stay away
whilst I reset
and I forget
the past I’d cast

Wanting Other

She lies in bed
dreaming of love
wanting it said
she’d had enough
But it’s not true
She’s just had you
The same old game

Crowding the Plate

The door was slammed
My face was red
But I’d be damned
those lies be spread
I made the call
to play hardball
and switched the pitch


Stephen W. Buchanan shares his poetry at “lf You Haven’t Got A Sonnet His work was first featured in 2020 – April 17 & November 27. Stephen’s work was also selected for The Sound of Brilliance.


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