Reblogs – Penny Wilson and Charles Robert Lindholm & John Coyote

Always chasing the delirium…

Still a Fool by Penny Wilson & Charles Robert Lindholm

I Was A Fool 
My Judgment Was Blurred 
Thinking Us Soulmates 
Was So Absurd 

Drunk On Your Kisses 
And Lost In Your Eyes 
Longing For Love 
I Believed All Your Lies 

Craving Your Touch 
And Sweet Ecstasy 
In Love With Love 
And The Fantasy 

I Took A Gamble 
I Rolled The Dice 
I Did What I Did 
I Paid The Price 

I’m Still A Fool, 
I’d Do It Again 

Ecstasy… by John Coyote

My love, I have found you. 
                 I want to make love to you from feet to sweet lips. 
                  Your brightness and sadness I need to know. 
                   I want us nude, heart and mind free. 
                    The hot and humid nights. 
                     Allowed us to sleep with no secrets. 
                      We are complete like a flowing river.  
                      I yearn to touch your face, your breasts, your waist. 
                       In the heat of the night. 
                        My feet touch your feet…

 My lips touch your lips…  
                         I’m yours and you are mine. 
                          My lovely one. 
                           You are my only sweet dream. 

                            Your love enchanted my soul. 
                             I kiss your feet, your knees, your stomach. 
                             Caress your curves and whisper. 
                              “My love. 
                              Why are you so kind to me?” 

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