Loved One


Everyone has their own perspective on things and feels emotions that don’t necessarily reflect our own. It’s fascinating to me how we interpret what we see or engage with in the world around us. So often, I read the posts of others and I can see how they view the people closest to them in their writings. It’s like stepping into their thoughts and feelings.

I have a collaboration in mind and I do hope you’ll participate. If you are game, that is. And actually, the more who participate, the better it will be!

What I would like you to do, picture in your mind the person you are (or were) closest to and leave the one word in the comments which tells me what you see or feel about them that stands out among all other words. And only one, please! The first description that comes to mind is what I’m looking for.

I will close this out to further commenting on Saturday. Then I hope to create a little magic with the words you have given me. Look for the post on Sunday. This should be interesting! 🙂

*Here’s the post I promised! Loved One Cloud

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