Reblogs – The Blighters Rock & Reena Saxena

Ecstasy can be experienced in many ways…

Water by The Blighters Rock

the ripples parted
as I entered her warm depths
we became water

Eagle Instincts by Reena Saxena

butterflies soar high
caterpillar stories fail
to see the eagle
within – struggle to escape
ephemeral destinies



There’s comfort as I bathe in your loyalty.
I can count on your faithfulness to the script we are writing.
This love story of commitment and devotion is like none other.
I adore your dedication to our cause.
I can depend on you, my reliable partner.
You’ve been steady, for the most part.
True to me, for the most part.
A constant when the world wasn’t.
My staunch champion, solidly there for me.
I think you can be trusted.

Originally published 9/18/2018 on I Write Her.

Bring It Or Lose It

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she strongly suggests
i would rather be alone
than connect to a dimensionless relationship

who needs betrayal
who needs loneliness
who needs lackluster moments

substance is what she craves
someone solidly in her corner
with a strong commitment to her humanity

a partner 100% in her corner
providing passion, support, and love
offering a surprising but genuine commitment

it’s not just about feeling safe
it’s not just about being cared for
and it’s definitely not just about being available for a partner’s whim

side by side
two entities respecting one another
wanting the best for their future and each other

for remember
passion doesn’t linger
it goes where its tempted

The Upside To Demons

Amber Kipp – Unsplash

The drawers work well, and the demons like them. They glimmer in the sunshine! Not the creatures, but the bins where I keep them, silly man! Be careful with them; they could singe you with their emitting cerulean blue flames! 

Why let them reside here?

Because the ooze from their skin will trickle down the tube into a jar on the floor, remember, it helps raise the dead from the shallows. Unfortunately, it’s hard, and I need to scrape it out. Could you help me? Hint, hint

It’s sunset now. Maybe tomorrow. 

I sighed as he lay down beside me.

Crossing Over The Skyline

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #279 – Was that really me? &
Moonwashed Musings Weekly Prompt #142 – Skyline

dreams take me
to magical places
different journeys
every night
different stories
to unravel
mysteries to understand
i ask myself
was that really me
or someone
i pretended to be
a new self to wear
get accustomed to
a preparation of sorts
to play out in real life

or was it all just nonsense?