Ugly Ways

Silent deception
Confident chicanery
You smiling bastard

Hard hit to the heart
Foreign reality now
Weight of lies broke me

Forever altered
Gazillion hurt pieces
Difficult to breathe

Difficult to live
Struggling to survive in pain
Dark for a long time

Originally published 8/17/2018 on I Write Her.


I began to shuffle my feet again the moment the wraps loosened around my ankles. If my trusty blade were on me, I’d cut through these moist yet stiffening powdery rags my captor had applied to my legs. It’s as if he wanted to mummify me. The man seemed a titch broken by hallucinations or manifestations he was experiencing. He appeared to shoulder the heavy burden of being righteous; I was one of the evil ones who had to stand and face the punishment I was due.

I was nearly free from my bondage. Thankfully all I heard was silence.

I Miss You

you made the happy days
so much more fun
you willingly provided comfort
and a shoulder on the sad days
your smile alone infused joy
into the boring ones

now i can only…

wish for you on the happy days
to make them even better

wish for you on the sad days
so as to not weep silently and withdrawn

wish for you on the boring ones
to not feel so alone

if only wishing worked…

because your love always wrapped me up in warmth
and your joy was incredibly infectious
you and your presence kept me sane

i miss you so very much

“Hidden In Childhood” Acceptance!

I am so pleased and thrilled to announce that Gabriela Marie Milton of Literary Revelations Publishing House has accepted my work for what I’m sure will be a powerful anthology. So many talented poets (happy that so many are familiar to me!) are the voice sharing precisely what Gabriela spoke of for this anthology – “the beauty and magic of childhood – remembrance of love and fairytales – as well as its ugliness – abuses, poverty – that unfortunately still exist in our world.”

It is due to be published in late January! Stay tuned for more news on its release. Very much looking forward to it! 🙂

Stop Playing With Your Food

be provocative
rise to the top of your game
create your future

Inspired by Moonwashed Weekly Prompt #125 – Provocative

For those of you who have never heard of Pinky Patel on TikTok. She’s hilarious AND provocative at times! 😉

Reblogs – Candice Louisa Daquin & Ramblings of a Fragile Mind

There’s always the hope that relationships will burn with passion and not strife. Yet, sometimes what began as intense disintegrates us until we become something unrecognizable, ensuring walls are built to protect us from the next. The process to love again is an arduous one, requiring a great deal of understanding, patience, trust, and acceptance.

Flaming without fire by Candice Louisa Daquin

I tore myself on you, baby, I tore myself 

until there was nothing but dust and tension and madness 

I tore myself on you, baby, I tore myself 

until daylight proved false and we entered eternal darkness 

where only the grift of each other’s angst 

could sooth the thunder 

of those wasted years 

flaming without fire 

Ignorance by Ramblings of a Fragile Mind (Little Charmer)

You think you know me so well 

Yet you haven’t got a clue 

For if you did 

You’d see how I hid 

All that I was from you 

Tuned In

the hustle and bustle around me
a layer i observe but don’t hear
isolated from the bubbles of others
trying to assimilate

there goes my gently bouncing head
the shoulders follow in synchronicity
to the rhythm of the music

i settle into the warm pocket
of my own construct
this created isolation

smooth vibes

swaying in this soothing world
the melodies touching my soul
moving slowly through lyrical liquid

if only i didn’t ever have to put my phone on airplane mode

Originally posted August 16, 2018 on I Write Her. Published today with revisions.

Eilean Donan Caisteal

We arrived at the castle, tired and hungry, and the sun slowly set beyond our backs, just in time for a scrap of food, grateful we’d not need to hunt for a rat for dinner. We could hear laughs and cheers in the courtyard of other travelers. There was a champ amongst them, having just won a card game—the excited chatter echoed loudly. I pulled out the cash I possessed and put on my glasses to count out what we would need. I began to pass the coins to the master of the establishment. 

“Can ye handle four more patrons?”