The Dark Park – Part 1

Grand Opening of the Cherrywood Recreation and Entertainment Park 

The two wealthy residents of Cherrywood, crucial to the project, along with the recreation commission committee members, were grateful that after many months of planning, fundraising, and sweat equity, the project was finally done. They positively bubbled over with pride in their speeches, unveiling the efforts of all involved in the park’s construction. A news crew was in attendance, waiting for the ribbon-cutting ceremony to begin. The townspeople were eager as well, with smiles all around. The atmosphere felt charged with excitement.

Without the land donation, this would have never even gotten off the ground, but thankfully, the Winchesters, one of the founding family’s of Cherrywood, understood the park’s future benefits. For their generosity, the committee memorialized them with bronze plaques embedded in the entrance gates, recognizing their efforts for the community. The descendants would look back with pride on their family’s investment in the park for generations to come.

It was to be the go-to place, one the young at heart of every age could enjoy healthy play and joyful fitness. This park hoped to engage families but also those needing to incorporate more healthy activities in their lives. It would feature the safest, most modern equipment available to date. And the recreation commission secured enough funding through grants for the upkeep and maintenance of the park through 2050. It helped the city avoid raising taxes on the residents; they were mighty happy about that. 

You see, the town of Cherrywood had the unfortunate news-making title of having the highest obesity rate in the United States. They were #1. By providing a way to engage in fun fitness, the town hoped to turn around its reputation and its residents’ well-being. Had the community not pulled together to address their situation, the citizens’ future would have had a bleak outlook. They were dying at much too young an age from this health-crisis. The goal was to help turn the tides, to become the healthiest and fittest town instead. Admirable, if they could achieve it.

So with hope and optimism, each person on the committee and the Winchesters stood ready with their hands holding up the long red ribbon, waiting for the mayor of Cherrywood to take the ceremonial scissors and, with a quick downward stroke, to cut it apart. As soon as they did the deed, the townspeople cheered with jubilation. And the crowd moved forward forcefully, walking right past the committee and into the complex.

Shame the townspeople didn’t know that the land had been used as a dumping site of nuclear waste and other pollutants. An out-of-state company had illegally and secretly shipped in tons of barrels to be buried there for decades. The Winchesters never knew.

Nor did the townspeople ever know the history of the people from the 1400s. The settlement of Cherrywood in the late 1600s by the Pilgrims wasn’t aware the Chenwalk Indians had lived on that land, nor did they know there was originally a burial site there. It added a whole other level to this situation. 


Your Existence Brings Me Ease

it’s you who makes me feel this way
awakening from a long sleep
in a world of dead hearts

this life having witnessed other’s selfishness
their uncaring, juvenile souls
and their unrealistic demands

thank you for taking me to a better place
one of comfort and relaxation
we fit, molded in our similarities

how fortunate i am
the beneficiary of your goodness and light
my friend, my world

Applauding Adversity


I Write Her

I say defiantly success.png


Uttered with recalcitrant anger through gritted teeth; words forcefully arising out of my clenched mouth.

I’ve not let my life, situations, people or anything end me. Yet.

I grant a thank you, of sorts, to the pain played out by substandard friends, broken relationships, betrayals, nature’s force and every disturbing event determined to pierce me in my psyche.

It’s a necessary process, albeit grueling and inconvenient.

Enduring hardships becomes my opportunity to best myself.

I welcome the growth, but I do despise the adversity.

There’s no escape from struggles, or hurt and pain.

The victory gives me just enough strength for the next battle.

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Reblog – I want to hurt you by A. Rinum

So much food for thought, for growth.

Rinum's blog

I want to hurt you.

Stab you in the back, but I can’t do that without piercing the sword through my own chest first. I can’t make you bleed without causing a rupture in my own heart. How can I hurt you when your wounds cause me pain? I want to bring storms, cause earthquakes but I’ll end up damaging myself more than you. But I’m okay with that. I’m okay with tearing myself apart just to see that tear cascade down your cheek. I’m okay with burning away my existence, just to see that frown tug at your lips. I’m okay with fading, at least I’ll take away a part of myself with you.

Do you ever cause destruction to yourself just because you want to cause damage to someone else? That’s one of the most toxic traits you can have. Where you’re willing to rip yourself open just…

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Finding Balance

writing – poetry, fiction, submissions, books, emails
finances – taxes, banking, statements, payments
cleaning – kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, office
laundry – sheets, clothes, towels
eating – healthful, decadent
drinking – water, medicinals, booze
reading – books, ebooks, blogs, notices, email, mail, subtitles
thinking – rehashing, exploring, daydreaming, planning, goals
exercise – for back, for TMJ, for shoulder, for heart
free time

you’d think i wouldn’t get enough sleep, free time or get showered at all!
but you’d be wrong

The Risk Of Loving

Inspired by Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Jewels & Reena’s Exploration Challenge #174

the streaming brilliance of those i adore
elicit my smiles and warm heart-felt thanks
for providing a cushion from the cruelty in this world

the love i hold for those i love
fills me with joy and comfort
an ease not found elsewhere but with them

occasionally worry squeezes my head
allowing anxiety to ripple through my heart
the safety of the jewels in my life takes priority

i hope desperately to ensure their longevity
because what would i be
without them

Finding A Way Home

i cling to this life with determination
boldly seeking the right directions to take
while some moments require reflection
other times swift and decisive actions

i trust in the wisdom graciously shared
and my savvy rightfully gained
it leads me to side-step making poor decisions
those which would leave me flailing and without support

i am confident and fortunate
moving forward with staunch efforts
to achieve progress and healing
so that only love resides within me