Cravenly holding on when both should be letting go. 

It will get better. 

Struggling, wishing for the scenarios of rosier times. 

Hoping it gets better. 

Reality churns out a present of mediocre. 

It’s not getting better. 

Feeling panic and sadness, a demise is imminent. 

It must get better! 

Fade to black… 

Now, I’ll get better. 

Originally posted 7/23/2018 on I Write Her.

Jia-Li Yang (Cassa Bassa)


Older and wiser
Acting more silly

Unintended Strategy

She’s always his unrequited. 
That’s how she won him over.


I love you most
When you say very little
And do what’s needed      
To keep me smiling


I drink too much
Because I cannot bear
To see my sober self
In the mirror
It reminds me of
Every bit of 
what’s wrong with me
The day you left


Jia-Li Yang (Cassa Bassa) works with disadvantaged people. She is constantly inspired by their resilience and strength. Her work has been published in the Australian Poetry Journal; The Poets Symphony, Creation and the Cosmos published by Raw Earth Ink.; Heart Beats published by Prolific Pulse. Her blog https://flickerofthoughts.com This is Yang’s first feature on The Short of It.


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Reblogs – Charles Robert Lindholm and Bree Leto & Carolyn Crossley

Sometimes relationships work, other times, they don’t…

I Don’t Know Why by Charles Robert Lindholm & Bree Leto

I’m not sure why 
I keep on changing 
like I do. 
I don’t know  
if it’s good or bad 
I really wish I knew. 

I fear with all these changes  
taking place inside of me,  
others will only notice  
the outer side they see.   

I wish I understood  
what was meant to be,  
what’s the point in changing  
if you don’t change with me.   

Take my hand, my love, 
we can grow together.  
I will grow  
and you will grow,  
by my side  

The Daily Haiku by Carolyn Crossley

let your finger trace 
my tears as they fall,  
down my 
face, goodbye is hard 



The internal battles – agitation, pain, fear – plague us. 

It’s a thrashing within. 
Dwelling in our emotions. 
Acting out in our physical state. 
Challenging our mental well-being. 

Longing for a release or respite from discomfort. 

It can sometimes happen, someday. 
And if it does, it comes in the form of a favorable resolution. 
Finally, there can be some ease. 

Effort gets us to the other side of affliction. 

And it makes us who we are. 

Originally posted 7/21/2018 on I Write Her.


Last year when I took off the month of August, it was evident that I did a good thing for my well-being, so I’m doing it again except in September this year!

While I will be intentionally unplugging from blogging, reading blogs, and limiting social media, I’ve already scheduled my Redux posts for Tuesdays, Reblogs for Wednesdays, and The Short of It features on Fridays, so you will still see some content published. Feel free to comment or not, and if you do, rest assured, I will respond when I get back.

In addition to this announcement, this post will also be my last “inspired” post for the month. Enjoy! See you again soon, as I’m sure the time will fly by quickly!

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Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see? #149

with nothing in our paths
and the day-to-day distractions far away
freshness is inhaled
expanding our lungs
the air is clean and wholesome
our adventures await

Featured image – Christian Wiediger – Unsplash


It sure was a challenge to build the tent at night. The thick trees of these mountains made it difficult, but we had to try or succumb to the elements. 

I tried to erase the doubts about my camping abilities and focused on the task and hand, forcing myself to breathe deeper until my lungs felt full. The oxygen was a tad thin up here.

Bent over, with a stake in my hands, I heard a deep growl behind me. My planted stance remained firm, but my skin instantly got moist, and I felt myself trembling with regrets

Oh, shit.

Accidentally Poetic

on the streets

a molested teen
knocked up by dad real young
then kicked out while gay
will be caught loitering now 
on the seedy side of town

sweet smellin’ weed

it takes me off mark
my weightlessness calms me down
in peace I float high
smoke permeating all pores
drifting away from life’s crust


cough inducing life
it chokes my throat hot and raw
exhaust and anger
fury hangs in the air thick
rage blows up, innocence pays


AP’s confession – the words just started pouring out one day. Totally shy in real life but enjoys bold poetry about life. This is Accidentally Poetic’s first feature on The Short of It.


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Reblogs – Breaking the Silence and Fire & Female

Self-repair is an arduous task, isn’t it?

how? by Breaking the Silence

I hope for a change as I age 
lost in my hopes I’ve given all control 
to randomness of life and people I don’t like 
I could claim it now 
it’s true that we have the power to change our lives 
but I feel so weak and I don’t know how…. 

The Heat of Chaos by Fire & Female

I am not okay. 
I am a total mess 
back on the floor of 
a home that has been 
drenched in lighter fluid 
and intentionally set on fire. 
The walls are hot with flame, 
the linoleum is melting under me, 
but I remain curled up on the floor. 
I want to cry out from the pain 
as my skin is singed with 
empty promises and 
violent threats and 
touch I did not authorize, 
but the heat of chaos dries my eyes 
and tells me I cannot cry here. 
I watch as my safe space disintegrates, 
crying out for someone to just 
come and fucking rescue me. 
I am not okay. 
I am suffocating under the weight of 
beams of complex trauma and 
posts of vicious assault and 
cement blocks of violation. 
My voice is too tiny to hear, 
or maybe no one fucking cares, 
so I curl up tighter in my place, 
allow the inferno to engulf me; 
a reminder no matter how hard 
I try to extinguish the fire, 
I will always go up in flames.