Reblog – I want to dance with you by John Coyote

Enjoy the rekindling of romance in this sweet piece! 🙂


(Easy life and quiet death-Sir Walter Scott)

(We poets in our youth begin with gladness; but there off in the end despondency and sadness.         -Wordsworth)

I want to dance with you tonight

Sober days and nights led us to places of loneliness. Two people sharing one house with locked doors, not enough words spoken and love forgotten.

Once we were young and fearless. I couldn’t live without your kiss and your embrace. Once your voice and touch made me believe love was alive and forever. We held love like a delicious pain.

Today I watched you. Us sitting together without conversation. Cell phones and tire mind accepting life as-is. I told you, honey, dear and my pretty lady. We need to depart this grave of our home and find some song. I want you in your red dress and red shoes. I need your evil smile…

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Reblog – Believe by John Coyote

Feeling a bit transported with this song and these words, very uplifting. Thanks, John! As always, the romance in this piece is wonderful to immerse myself in! 🙂 Enjoy everyone!



Write on my bare skin, my dear poet, she whispered.
Allow your hands to make me feel like a masterpiece.
Show me, please make me believe.


I am the only one.
Please love me wrong, love me right.
Please whisper pretty words,
true or lies.
Promise me everything,
promise me nothing.

Make my brown eyes come alive with hope,
made my skin burn with desire.
dear poet,
let’s make this night perfect.
Paint a painting of a love,
that was sweet and attempted.


Let’s trick the gods,
show them.
You and I had found the utopia of the kiss,
the embrace.

Dancing Coyote

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Reblog – Maybe Someday by Michnavs

I just love the easy rhythm of the romance in this piece. For a few different reasons, it reminds me of a special someone. 🙂


maybe someday I will be
your sweetest melody
soothing your lonesome heart
in splended tranquility
serenading you
just, you

maybe someday I will be
your happiest thought
easing your anxiety
in times of despair
musing you
just, you

maybe someday we will be
writing together, 
a love poem duo
on a stop over
in a train station
to Paris

Maybe someday just you and I
by the train station
to Paris

in perfect serendipity.

Inspired by kate’s recent post “Notes”

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Reblog – Nothing has Changed

Who hasn’t been haunted by these romantic dreams of such emotional depth and love? The ache of hope that dreams become reality. So beautiful, yet so sad. Le sigh…

House of Heart

When dreams pull me under
I call out across the ocean
You meet me at  the shore
and there is nothing to  hold to
but silvery shadows that cross
and uncross in our slumbering sea.
I bend to you  fragile as  sea foam
tossed in wind rifts  released
from unfastened hands. 
This is how I love you
a prisoner of  repetition
like endless waves you come and go.

art by Victor Bauer

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Baby, It’s Cold Out Here


(It’s good with you near) But, baby, it’s cold out here
(In my arms you’re my dear) But, baby, it’s cold out here
(So let’s go inside) Been hoping that you’d say that
(Try to warm up) Let’s snuggle together real nice


True story

women will be cold
until consent is given
then men will get warmth
but not before
these are the times now
when boundaries
are to be respected
get with the program

**some social commentary on the recently controversial song “Baby, It’s Cold Out There”