Reblog – Open Heart by Phoebe Munson


Phoebe (PMU) is a wonderful artist/doodler who caught my eye back in late 2017 when I first became a part of the WP community. I always look forward to seeing the new creations she publishes on her blog – The Daily Doodle

This artwork struck me as being so warm and inviting reinforcing the message of the words. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!

The Dance We Do

an atmosphere heavy with delight
long, slow dances
passionate embraces
kisses lasting for days
never-ending charm
a connection worth fighting for

alters over time
and circumstance

too many distractions
too many annoyances
too many broken promises

further cracks
until there’s nothing left

to fight about
when the memories of love
weren’t ever permanent
and present sorrow bound up
in yesteryears love
goes in the direction
of letting it all go

These words were inspired by a posting a while back by John Coyote . Thanks!

Needing Help With Some Research


Hello Word Press Community!

I was hoping to enlist you for research in the area of love and romance. Are you single? If yes, please consider participating. For those with a gazillion followers, even just reblogging this post would be amazing whether you choose to participate or not. It would be appreciated!

The goal is to get as many responses as I can get. Thousands, if at all possible! I would be so grateful if you could make that happen!

This is first and foremost for research for a piece I would like to ultimately write but the bonus to this social experiment is that it might enable me to possibly help you. I’m not making any guarantees that I can, but I’d like to try! The data gained from this research will be valuable for what I’d like to write about. There is no cost, no membership, no purchase what-so-ever. I’ve created a questionnaire that can hopefully work to bring you to someone who holds the same values you may have. Having said that, you can certainly opt-out of this part of it if you only want to participate for the research piece of it.

So, if you are actively searching and hope to be #FindingOneInAWorldFullOfMany, please click below to be taken to a simple survey. All I ask is that you answer the survey honestly and supply an email address so possible matches can be emailed to you. Before emailing anything to anyone, I will ask permission from all parties. Your email addresses are private, and I will not share them with anyone unless you agree to it. Nor will your email addresses be sold to any third-party. And if you don’t qualify or don’t want to participate but still want to know the outcome from this, please feel free to email me at requesting updates. Thanks!!

Click here to be redirected to the survey.

Camouflaged Love

love hate

The hate
it comes in waves
you think that’s all there is
there’s more…

Underneath the hate
is a love aching to be healed
able to love again
deeply        better next time

I buried my love for you
you pushed it deeper
and away from sight
waiting for a rebirth

Is it possible to love again
after so much pain
will I choose it
or continue with my hate

Achingly slow is the healing process
one justified reason after another
makes me take my time
to resolve this pain

*Originally published on PhiloSusi 7/6/2015. Reposted with revisions.