Confessions Of A Book Aficionado


sweet birdies quartet
delightful awakening
a smile escapes me

coffee is brewing
yummy breakfast awaits me
sunday, reading day

true crime story first
one book down, now another
this time poetry

reading all morning
it is time for a long nap
woke up ravenous

finished a big lunch
much more reading to be done
trying for three more

a restful sunday
weekend sadly over now
work again monday


Ken Gierke


clear moon on cold night
traveler without shelter
shadows walk on snow


clouds part as rain slows
garden seen under new light
stepping carefully


empty tree branches
silhouetted in the mist
moon wakes as fog clears


high above river
eagle soaring on updraft
cedar clings to cliff 


stars bow to rainfall
leaves drink in welcome relief
hope alive in dreams


the path of water
journey of many unknowns
each drop returning


Ken Gierke started writing poetry in his forties but found new focus when he retired.  This gave him new perspectives, which come out in his poetry, primarily in free verse and haiku.  He has been published at The Ekphrastic Review, Vita Brevis, Tuck Magazine,  and Eunoia Review. His website: RIVRVLOGR


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Opposites Attract



hear your
silent scream
echoing in
the chambers of my achy breaky heart.


Honestly, this open secret is not being very well kept.


french fries and mayo
disgustingly delicious
oddball food combo


our destinies have crossed paths
awfully lucky


Unbiased opinions do not actually exist.

Inspired by Reena’s Exploration Challenge #123

Reblog – Inexplicable by Lize Bard

It does feel like we are in the center of it all, absorbed into ourselves with no way to reach beyond it. Lize Bard captures it so beautifully in this short piece. It really hit home for me. How about you?

Haiku out of Africa

I cannot explain ~ the solitary vastness ~ of a silent soul — ©  Lize Bard @ Haiku out of Africa

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Eugenia Hoffman

quilted clouds steel gray
so dreary makes me weary
menace in the skies 


the skies predict moods
blissful thoughts within my grasp
I applaud nature 


bare trees sway wildly
fragile limbs weak and timid
timber plentiful 


noise assaults the air
crows convoked a committee
gossips voice concerns


Eugi’s Causerie – I enjoyed a dedicated career in the insurance industry for over 20 years being rewarded both professionally and personally. Now it’s time for me to follow my dreams by doing things I enjoy…spending time with family, traveling, writing poetry and encouraging others to pursue their goals. 



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Goff James

Editor’s note: The following haiku and senryu are the very first pieces to be showcased here on The Short of It. I’m thrilled with the response so far and hope to publish these exclusive pieces frequently! For those interested, please keep them coming! And please do share the submission guidelines with individuals who you know enjoy writing micro-poetry or very concise stories and wish for some recognition of their work! Thanks!


Love’s Carousel

’Pon Love’s carousel
Life’s tragic symphonies played
Many broken hearts

As Wild Horses Run

As wild horses run
The blithe spirit in his soul
Sets him ever free


Searching for release
Unhinged in dreams’ dark madness
Finding no escape


Mem’ries bloodstained weep
Love’s lingering presence felt
Heartache’s scars unhealed


Goff James is a grumpy eccentric who, in the darkness of night, plays with words and tries to write poetry. His work displays an interest in that which can be seen and unseen, that which is heard and unheard and all those things that go unnoticed in between.


Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see? #14 – 1/27/2020

& Eugi’s Weekly Prompt – Glimmer


a glimmer of red
found the path back to our home
we were so lucky



I have to also share that the image Sadje gave us for the prompt brought back some wonderful childhood memories. It reminded me of some of the German chocolates and marzipan I used to enjoy as a child.hh