the challenges we encounter
occur predictably
not necessarily on a schedule
nor to the same degree
but most definitely
they arrive at the best
or the worst of times
and everywhere in between

each confrontation
with a trial of some sort
gives us a choice
to rise above, to defeat it or just give in
it’s not always easy
as so many other variables
are determined to affect
which way we react

the tests we spar with
might make us stronger
possibly break our will
or create a longing for numbness
can we pull from down deep
for some strength and skill
or do we wither in the face of adversity
which direction is ours to take

Her Spirit

my face in the mirror reflects
a ghostly reminder
this leathered skin
has endured hardships
just as she did


only her contentedness
beamed through
she was always glad to be alive
her adventures many and
her strength evident

as i remember her fondly
my weariness etches slightly less deep
i won’t allow my defeatist demeanor
to harshly pigment my day
thank you, gamma

Image credit; Pisauikan@ Pixabay