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Seems fitting that January 1, 2018, would bring in a new way to navigate life. Women supporting women, it’s crossed my mind so often in the previous year. I’ve given the idea a lot of head space and realized I’d like to see this happen sooner rather than later.

2017 saw a monumental shift towards uplifting women, cheering them on, promoting them and a general feeling of standing up for women. The attitude of equality seems to finally have arrived. I, for one, am very glad about that. Strength in numbers.

I’m a woman, I write and I would also like to be a champion for other women. What I can commit to is offering up this website as a platform for women who like to express themselves in the written format. Honestly spoken, this is also a selfish request as I adore reading what other good writers have to say. You’ll be feeding my habit.

Are you an I Writer Her? Come talk to me.

To become a part of this community of IWriteHers, please fill out the contact form on the About tab. You’ll receive an invitation to our Community through the platform Slack. Here we will all help each other fulfill our goals, challenge our process, read good writing and support each other.

We will create the dialogue that balances out the conversation in this society.