Horyuji – Masaoka Shiki (1895), Image –

I had a year of challenging myself to learn new styles and participated in other blogger’s challenges to try and find my comfort zone. In that time, I felt especially drawn to one style. It’s the simple yet powerful expression one can find in a haiku/senryu. While editing my last book, I realized that out of 365 days, 47 of them were haikus or senryus. Obviously, I’m hooked!

After some thinking about it, I decided to create this challenge for my audience. Every Tuesday, I will post a new challenge. In it, I will provide an inspiring image as your prompt. Your job will be to provide a standard three line, 5/7/5 syllable count in your piece. I will only accept the standard interpretation of haiku/senryu. The deadline for each submission will be on the Saturday of that week. You can submit up to three pieces if you have other interpretations of what you see. There will be an entry form on each weekly challenge post for you to submit your piece(s). And please, also on your piece(s), go ahead and link to my “IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge #” at the bottom in case any of your readers would like to participate. Due to WordPress’ occasional glitches with the entry form and pingbacks not working, it’s appreciated that you do both. This way I’m definitely going to see both, one or the other! Should there be a photo credit, and you add it to your post, please make sure to add their link/information to the image you post on your page. It’s only fair that the creator of that image be credited.

Once I’ve received all submissions, I’ll do a recap in a post on the following Tuesday for the audience to enjoy.  You’ll also see a new image challenge should you decide to participate.

Looking forward to all your submissions!