My yearning for his heat gave me an intense icy chill deep inside my body. We went way past the point of no return; it made me almost misty-eyed, enveloped by his desire. His arms surrounded me, my legs shaking, and my head spinning, upset yet hungry for all the emotions. I felt my body lean into him, desiring him increasingly, wanting to be submissive and parched from his love. My face flushed hot and red from the passion. I felt faint from what I knew was a breaking point coming, but I only wanted it to last forever, unending

14 thoughts on “Burning

  1. Your depiction of desire and passion is remarkably vivid. The emotions you articulate form a compelling ambiance, where yearning and intensity seamlessly merge. The profound longing for an everlasting bond is tangible, captivating the reader with the profound depths of conveyed sentiments. Excellent job. 👍👏👌😊

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