Reblogs – Paul Vincent Cannon & Stephen D. Allen

Connections, relationships, interactions—without each other, where and who would we be?

We’d Catch Fire by Paul Vincent Cannon

As darkness lights the way
we feel through shattered moments
to a truth that only comes from a
gut-felt savvy, an innocent insolence
of present mood over mind that
matters in knowing connections
so deep, transcending the rational,
suspending the ignorance of cheap
common sense that we might just
rise above the cold data and create
sparks of world so alive to each
other, we’d catch fire.

Pieces Of You by Stephen D. Allen

There are pieces of you
Left in towns and places
In the others you meet
In those you will visit
To fill in the spaces

You have collected pieces
Of others all around
Made up of each other
Each of us is made up
Of pieces that are bound

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