Reblogs – Laura Denise & Penny Wilson

Life is difficult to traverse but so much easier when love is near. When you find it, hold on.

The Light of Your Love by Laura Denise

The light of your love
casts shadows upon
those other times and feelings
I thought I knew
what love was,

or perhaps it was love
but not of the purest,
for the white blooms
that I have been drawn to
now encompass
our joined spirit,

and that is how
I always hoped
love would be:
a spirituality
far beyond
earth’s reach.

This love of ours
is no fairy tale,
no dream;
it is a reality
that exceeds anything
I could ever
mortally perceive–

holy union,
remerging of souls,
the light of our auras
combining to form
the portal home

to the next level,
and in that moment,
love becomes
and we ascend
as one
into our immortal

this time
our fusion
will withstand
all partings,
for we achieved
the highest
form in history.

Come, my love,
let us take this
to even higher heights;
the heavens
have anointed us as

Love’s Very Design.

It’s Always You by Penny Wilson

I wonder why when I dream, it’s always of you

You were the one. The one I said forever to

Years have passed without your smile

I’m resigned to navigate the days and nights in solitude

My heart aches anew each time it realizes that you’re gone

I tend to romanticize the past leaving out those rough times, on purpose

The good times were good enough to live on in my memory

Decades later when I dream it’s always of you

It’s good to know that you really are the forever one

The one I’ll always dream of

9 thoughts on “Reblogs – Laura Denise & Penny Wilson

      1. I’ve tried to reply to this five times, but every time I’ve navigated away from this frame for whatever reason, everything I’ve typed here has disappeared.

        Her name was Leslie, and from high school, to at least eight years later (not including our brief contact here on facebook), she was all things very good among lovers, but she was also capricious, selfish, and plain old mean.

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      2. Leslie. She and I were very much in love, and she and I were carrying on like porn stars through much of high school, but even then, she would dispose of me for another of her flings. This went on for years, and the culmination was when she went wilding on one of her late nights, and I followed her. It was a horrendous evening, part of which I was questioned hard by the MBTA police, and eventually, we two made it home at about four in the morning.

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