Reblogs – The Twisting Tail & River Dixon

With or without a disability, life demands we engage, either with the help of others or muster the energy ourselves. In other words, find the strength to carry on, to not fold under the force of circumstances or others. 

Touching Words by The Twisting Tail

If we fail to see 
We are blind 
By ignorance 
If we pretend not to see 
We are blind 
By choice 
We need more 
Than touching words 
For those who have no choice 

This is yours by River Dixon

if on your knees 

you find yourself 

bowing head, hands behind 

your back, begging mercy 

from the boots that march 

trampling those left standing 

who dare to not crumble 

under the illusion of 

their authority, remember 

it is your obedience 

that gives them the key 

to the ivory tower 

your bloody knees mean 

nothing to them, it is 

never enough, submission 

breeds only the need 

for more compliance 

and you will live out 

the rest of your days 

groveling in the rubble 

until they decide it’s 

time to bury you 

along with the rest 

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