Reblogs – Paul V. Cannon & Stephen D. Allen

From beginning to end, life is to be lived. The fuller the better, with no regrets left dangling when our time comes. Not everything will be charming, nor will it all be devastating. Take the good, accept the bad, alter what you can to achieve more comfort.

The Blurred Horizon by Paul V. Cannon

Putting our fingers in fires 
we rolled down mountains 
eagerly consuming ego paths 
of reason and invitation, 
traversing fences, leaping gates, 
chasing balloons and butterflies 
of promise while toasting sunsets, 
weeping over mortality and pain, 
there is only ever the blurred  
horizon of experience. 

In Kindness by Stephen D. Allen

The world is full of wondrous hope 
If only we could see it and touch it 
Kindness that can create and heal 
Gives life, and helps another feel 

I lost my mind and found out who I am 
If I were to say the words on my mind 
Would it change anything at all? 
I have grown up and I found out 
How to feel, and what life is about 

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