On To The Next!

The New Year is right around the corner! While I don’t think I was as productive as in previous years on this blog, or accomplished as much as I had wanted to, the time sure seemed to go by quicker. Probably because I’ve taken on work outside the home or maybe it’s just because I’m getting older. lol Regardless, this was an interesting and exciting year in so many ways. But like the previous year, I still feel the same – “With Covid still being uppermost in our minds, and politics continuing to challenge our sanity, I’m frankly happy to put this one to bed and await something better at the clock striking Midnight soon.” May it bring an end to whatever insanity we’ve been experiencing in our lives and fulfill our wishes beyond our wildest dreams!

The end of this year marks my 5-year anniversary on WordPress. Absolutely amazing. 🙂 The continual love and support I get on this blog have been a tremendous lift to me throughout the year, and I thank you all so much for your comments, your praise, your friendship, and your kindness. To a certain extent, you are my muses, but time spent on your blogs also enriches my head and my understanding of the world. For that, I am eternally grateful as well.

I Write Her continues to grow, maybe not as much as other blogs, but that’s okay. Those readers who stick around are some of the most loyal bunch I’ve gotten to know. Thank you for that too!

For a look back, here are the publications that I submitted to and which happily accepted my work. Their continued support and aiding my growth professionally is something else I’m grateful for; validation is another aspect that a writer treasures.

10/22/22 Volcano Theme – Pure Haiku
5/29/22 Priorities, Ravaged, and Man-made accepted for Social Justice Inks – Prolific Press, LLC
5/1/22 Loud & My Self Evolving accepted for Wounds I Healed Anthology
4/24/22 Curled Up in Open Door Magazine Anthology – Joy, War and Favourite Things
4/2/22 Sleeping in Colors – The Pine Cone Review: Survival Theme
3/16/22 Rising – MasticadoresUSA
3/4/22 Sheltered – MasticadoresUSA
1/19/22 Poetry Partner#38 – The Skeptics Kaddish
1/10/22 Indie Blu(e) Feature
1/9/22 Ghostlight theme – Pure Haiku

The Short of It features will be on hiatus until 2024, but Volume 2 of the selected features from this year will be published hopefully in April 2023. I will be working furiously to make that happen. The next submission cycle will be open on July 1, 2023, and I look forward to reading the submissions then, and welcoming many new poets and writers who have expressed interest. Next year promises to be a good one based on the response! That too has been growing. I’m so thrilled about that!

So there you have it! 2022 in a nutshell! Happy Holidays everyone!

29 thoughts on “On To The Next!

  1. What a great year Susi and juggling work as well.
    Congratulations on all of your publications.
    I for one would be excited to “break into” your next submission process, if time permits and you accept “newbies”. Happy New Year! 💗

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks so much, Cindy! Yes, but fortunately it’s only part time work. 🙂
      Absolutely we accept new submissions!! I would encourage you to prepare one or two submissions before July because as soon as we have accepted 52 features, it will close. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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