Reblogs – DoReeMe & A Faded Romantic

The “hotness” of those who ignite us leads us astray but maybe down the path we need to be going? Only time will tell.

Left as Kindling by DoReeMe

For what it’s worth 
I no longer feel 
Unless, your touch alone 
Prodding me 
As deeply as a touch 
Once did 
Beautifully burning 
And timid 
~Losing everything all at once~ 
And there 
In that space 
I come alive 
And ignite 
The air 
You exhale 

A World of You by A Faded Romantic

It only takes 
brief lapse 
in concentration 
a soft slide 
into daydream
a sudden shift 
into imagination 
an easy glide 
into reverie 
an idle fall 
into fantasy 
and I am lost 
in a world 
of you. 

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