Reblogs – Murray Robertson & Frank J. Tassone

Seasons change, nature matures, and life continues leaving behind memories for us to recall and reflections raising concern.

Colchicum by Murray Robertson

autumn, in our 
garden is still 
a lively place 
things change 
as the light 
begins to fail 
while now, 
honey bees, 
are back 
and colchicum 
suddenly comes up 
(we had forgotten)  
from distant fires 
imported smoke 
has come again 
fueled by  
dry things,  
by some who 
do not care. 
our world burns up 
they think it 
is their world. 
but i don’t care 
whose name 
is on their deed. 
(their smoke is ours) 

il mio villaggio by Frank J. Tassone

a maple-lined street leading 
to the mountains 
I still listen for echoes 
of our children playing

9 thoughts on “Reblogs – Murray Robertson & Frank J. Tassone

    1. When I read the posts I follow, if I love it, I save it in my Reblog file. The two pieces I choose to post on Wednesday’s represent a very recently read piece and one that is from the past. The two tend to either be posts presenting similar messages or opposite perspectives. Thanks for asking, David. ❤


      1. Glad you like my process! Of course, feel free to borrow it. It’s wonderful that we share all the good, memorable pieces we happen upon. And no, I have not, just tagged their original posts so they are made aware of the reblog.


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