Reblogs – Walt Page & Ali Grimshaw

Every moment of your life is a chance to begin again, have a do-over, start fresh, to reach for the stars and more. Do it. Your life will thank you.

There Will Come A Time by Walt Page

There will come a time
When you want to say
But you don’t

A time when you want to quit
To give up
To just walk away
But you won’t

A time when you want to cry
To run away and hide
To lose faith
But you won’t

You can’t
Because you care
Because you’re you

RIP ~The Tennessee Poet~ Gone, but not forgotten!

Daybreak by Ali Grimshaw

Each day a chance 
for new green to reach us 
for listening to happen in a way 
that has never happened before. 
For air to clear. 
And for us to come together 
instead of apart. 
For healing to blossom 
forgiveness heard, shame shifting 
to break the cycle of old chains. 
For mirroring your love 
revealing how your eyes 
have seen me forward. 
For rebalancing of Earth and sky 
an atmosphere where all living things 
breathe without fear of suffocation. 
For dormancy to begin again 
or throw off its covers 
to jump out of bed. 
For someone to return home 
or find a home 
or be welcomed to a home 
for the very first time. 
This poem, first published in Wounds I Healed: The Poetry of Strong Women is available HERE (kindle & paperback). This poetry anthology is a testament to the challenges women face in our society and their power to overcome them. A memorable collection of over 200 poems by more than 100 authors. Thanks to the work by Gabriela Marie Milton and Ingrid Wilson.

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