I’m Back! :)

All the food and drink you could want in the backdrop of a tropical paradise. Yeah, I would call that a great getaway! And it was, except for a few things. While we didn’t encounter a hurricane this time, let me tell you, what an adventure…

The intention was to unplug and relax, and we did. I left my laptop at home, only bringing my Kindle to catch up on the many titles in my library. The goal was to read as many as possible, also jotting down thoughts to turn into reviews which I would post when I got back. I ended up reading nineteen books, so I think I nailed that goal!

While this vacation was definitely filled with much-needed downtime, who would have thought that we’d also have to deal with an ear infection, a frozen shoulder, and COVID. Yes, the dreaded COVID. We outran it for two years but finally succumbed to it. We’re okay, but I have to tell you, it sucks.

My husband dealt with mild symptoms, me – not so much. Due to my heart issues, my doc felt it best to be on Paxlovid. After three days of full-on flu symptoms, I finally started feeling a little better. Now, let’s just hope there are no other immediate aftermath complications or effects years down the road, which current research shows have the potentiality of becoming a reality.

Oh, and Paxlovid-mouth is a real thing. I’m looking forward to that nastiness leaving my tastebuds in the next couple of days. The pharmacist promised that it would eventually dissipate.

So, I’m back. A little battered, but ready to get back to the blog! While it wasn’t the idyllic ending to our time off, this past month has been somewhat restorative for me mentally.

35 thoughts on “I’m Back! :)

  1. COVID in and of itself is awful and some of the treatments have side-effects that are just as nasty! I feel for you. It is the same with my husband – he gets mild-gone-in-a-day illnesses and gives it to me where I’m laid low. Nineteen books! Wow! I look forward to the reviews!

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    1. Agreed! Not a pleasant experience. Our men’s immune responses are enviable. These reviews will be listed on their Amazon page. I think I might do a post though to point people in that direction. πŸ™‚ Thanks, Val!


    1. Yeah, not something we were anticipating, but the vacation was still wonderful as Covid didn’t fully hit us until afterwards. We’re both focusing on feeling better for now. Thanks, Cindy! ❀


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