Reblogs – Robert Okaji & The Blighters Rock

The price one pays for living is uncertainty. It’s up to us to put the pieces together.

Rain Forest Bridge by Robert Okaji

To cross 
you must first 
trust the strands 

to hold. 
The second tentative 
step precedes 
the next, 

each successive one 
gaining strength: 
here to 

there, now 
to then, a summoning of 
one’s faith. 

Vapor meets cooler air, 
forming droplets, 
clouding the far side. 

I have feared endings 
and the strictures of the unseen, 

but here 
in this vast 
I know 

one line 
bisects the void. 

“Rain Forest Bridge” first appeared in Four Ties Lit Review in August, 2014. 

Mosaics by The Blighters Rock

we are mosaics 
from shattered tiles rearranged 
our image is made 

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