It sure was a challenge to build the tent at night. The thick trees of these mountains made it difficult, but we had to try or succumb to the elements. 

I tried to erase the doubts about my camping abilities and focused on the task and hand, forcing myself to breathe deeper until my lungs felt full. The oxygen was a tad thin up here.

Bent over, with a stake in my hands, I heard a deep growl behind me. My planted stance remained firm, but my skin instantly got moist, and I felt myself trembling with regrets

Oh, shit.

12 thoughts on “Thrills

  1. Love this Susi and could feel the story building till the end. I would be completely unable to move. Great use of the words. So you know why I am not the camping person. Big hugs, love and happiness coming your way. ❤️🦋❤️

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  2. Oh shit indeed! YEARS ago, we had a bear come into our campground during the night. We heard a long banging and when we looked out from the tent flaps, we saw a bear rolling our ice chest up the hill! We tried to scare it away without much success and the next morning, a neighboring camper told us it was a she-bear with a cub up a nearby tree. An experience I’ll probably never forget.

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