Repressed Memories

I searched the night sky for a familiar constellation of stars, hoping I could catch their orbit behind an opening in the clouds. But luck was not with me tonight. Instead, shadows projected their natural art onto the forest, leading to sparks of memories of my sisters and our shared life. The past felt empty, yet my mind continued sprouting up more scenarios. I struggled to breathe with this onslaught of my past. My brow got damp with sweat, and my head was in a swirl of sketch thoughts. It was all so ugly, worse than I remembered other times.

16 thoughts on “Repressed Memories

  1. Curious — who chooses the words? And is there any theme/reason behind the choice? They appear to be quite unconnected … although you do a great job (!) of putting them all together.

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    1. Actually not sure how she generates the words. But I take it one step further and restrict myself by using them in the order they are listed. It makes it a bit more challenging. Thanks for the praise, Nan! ❤

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