Reblogs – Yassy & Tony Single and Tetiana Aleksina

Diametrically opposed, in every sense of the word, is where I find myself with these two pieces, but they do a great job of highlighting the good and the bad of existing. The expression versus the silence. But it’s not only the good and bad which surround us as writers but what inspires us all as humans, what drives us to express or not. The topics we discuss and the context ranges from every corner of being and encompasses every facet of living as well as what we dare and don’t dare to bring to the surface.

Tetiana Aleksina

PoetPerfect by Yaskhan

Dear Poets, Writers 
Dedicated to you all 
You are the indigo riding my mind 
The purple wisdom in my bosom 
The logic that becomes my instinct 
The instinct that pulls my gut 
Your priceless ink shapes emerald words 
Like blooms woven in the white of paper 
You are 
The calming in the wild beating of my heart 
Adrenaline pulsing my blood stream 
The dreams behind my eyelids 
The taste of music on my lips as I sing 
The songs that still the rising chaos of a thousand pleas 
My wired mind magnetized by the sage brilliance  
That nourishes the trust 
You perfect the poetry  
You become the poetry 
The PoetPerfect. 

somnus (rem) by Tony Single and Tetiana Aleksina

eyes taped to the sky 
spin around a world of rue 
the silence that hems 

13 thoughts on “Reblogs – Yassy & Tony Single and Tetiana Aleksina

    1. Thank you Susi for pubishing the works of three of my favorite authors. Go swipe something from Bruce “Juice” Jewett (and perhaps make him find – or you do it! – an accomplice for this delightful salmaundi.

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