Reblog – Candice Louisa Daquin

One of my favorite poets captures the deepest of emotions between connections. Her words always manage to touch a big space in my heart. ❤ Enjoy!



different when pressed 

like fat fig tree rubs 

against the sides of your house 

like a violin 

you sound in silence 

your sorrow and your beating heart 

steady, untraced, beneath 

we move 

making little noise 

in the cusp of each other 

where joy exists 

there is often 

no sound 

but the rinsing of 

sin in perfect completion 

of the other 

opening flower 

Thoughts in Light

She has written herself off 

or so she says 

watching youth inherit the mantle 

she stares at her own flaccid chest 

in unforgiving morning sun 

and tries to convince herself to gently let go 

light pouring in through the bay window 

creating a halo effect in surround 

she is bathed in unexpected warmth 

her pores absorbing hungrily 

that urging intensity, a happy blindness 

as if the world paused in its toil 

to tap her on the shoulder and whisper 

it’s not near over yet girl 

go out, gather your arms full 




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