Evasive Maneuvers

After hearing a thud, my impulse was to hide or disguise myself. I knew how cruel Chucky was, having witnessed him many times crossing every line of decency. Now was the time for some magic, in other words, my immediate disappearance, or he would stalk me too.

But with this ongoing monsoon, I was probably safer here. I needed to get to the library with its secret chambers. My hunch was he didn’t know about them. Hopefully, I was correct.

With lights flickering because of the storm, I made my move. Upon reaching safety, I let out a hefty sigh.

12 thoughts on “Evasive Maneuvers

  1. Hehe! Chucky – I’ve never met a Chucky who wasn’t “ucky”! Not the least a second cousin once removed who thought he’d like to date me!! Ewwww! Yeah, the library is a safe place…

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