Amrita Valan

Life and Death

Life’s sacredness,
Death’s snatch. 
Love, loyalty, etched
On the crypt. 

Six-word stories

On Poetry

Poetry smiles, sings, weeps, exudes empathy.

On Life and Death 

Weeping, we brew tea, carry on.

We are testimonials. To love, lived.

50-word stories


Life is very important while we are alive, but in the end, the stories of the days of our lives are even more so. 
The act of living is urgent, the narration of living is sacred. Live now, remember the storytellers who made you. 
The story of you, exceeds death.

Love’s Requiem: 

She played with her fork.
Green peas scattering from silver tines.
Ritualistic worship of the feast of inner life, rich meditations of mortality and satiety.
Her eyes swam, and she drank crystal clear claret.
Replenishing lost oceans, trust and sunshine submerged in Titanic icebergs.
He let go, her life raft. 


Amrita Valan is a writer from India. work has been published in online journals such as Lothlorien Poetry Journal, Short Story Town, Café Lit, and Spillwords. Her collection of fifty poems, Arrivederci, was published in May, and her collection of short stories In Between Pauses was published in November 2021. This feature is her second on The Short of It.


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