Painful Confusion


shocking upheaval delivered unexpectedly
the heartache pounded harshly inward
internal distress burnt a tortuous red
a deep cut surrounded by a million small tears
the stress widened all the wounds
anguish and heartbreak followed
the future, unending and suffering agony
sorrow and grief dictated the next steps for survival
this daedal misery mimicked a slow death
love left in an upset heap
an untidy disarray of hurt
this from someone who cherished commitment

35 thoughts on “Painful Confusion

      1. Being hopeful must include cognitive understanding of the situation, IMO. To be committed includes that understanding otherwise it will add nothing to the final outcome.

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  1. Well done. It has emotional reality. (So much, I expect it is a real situation.) This kind of thing is difficult to write. (And hard to think about.) But putting terrible things into words, helps get painful things out, where they should be, asap!

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  2. The last lines “love left in an upset heap/an untidy disarray of hurt/this…/this from someone who cherished commitment” is written as if a a glass shattered upon impact with the floor!

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