Advertising is SPAM

bytes overload
product information flood

This constant barrage of generally irrelevant or inappropriate messaging being sent to us on the internet, in videos, on tv, in real life through billboards (paper or electronic), on packaging, in the mail, in our phone calls, news, social media, and in just about every way you can think of is mind-boggling!

I get it; it’s a numbers game. The more people the advertisers reach, the better for them. But I’m really sick of being inundated with it everywhere I turn—it’s driving me mental. So sick and tired of advertising trying to dominate every square inch of my life. STOP SELLING TO US. Life should be about enjoying it, not what is the next thing I’m going to buy, or use, or whatever, spend money on. I can figure out what I need without your help. STOP with the bombardment!


20 thoughts on “Advertising is SPAM

  1. As a consequence of my spamming disillusionment then, I would love to write, read, and speak again without benefit of electronic technology. My next blog will allude to this matter

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  2. I had a long spam comment that WP filtered out – it went on forever. I couldn’t help seeing some it as I scrolled to the bottom to delete! Why would they send me such stuff?? It is always a dead give away when the comment is for a post a year or more ago! I have to agree with your position. If I’m not sure which brand of coffee to purchase or the merits of one water heater over another I will google it! I don’t need constant ads for miscellaneous products. No wonder there are so many with ADD – we are being trained to think in 3 second sound bytes!

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  3. I hear ya! I use Vivaldi as my main browser. 70,996 trackers and 1,964 ads were blocked in a 2-month span. I pay not to have ads on my WordPress blog. Back in the day, some ads/commercials were entertaining – not so anymore.

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    1. I’m with you, Eugenia. I recently switched my blog to paid just to get rid of the (oftentimes offensive) ads. It’s worth the cost! I had not heard of the Vivaldi browser … must do some research!

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      1. Nan, I agree the ads can be offensive and seeing the same ads on blog after blog get old. Vivaldi takes a little getting used to but I love it. It’s based out of Norway and much into addressing privacy and security.

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