Reblogs – Goutam Dutta & The Blighters Rock

Passion, engagement, and involvement require a profound connection. May you be so fortunate as to have found one.

Lovers’ Ways by Goutam Dutta

Gaze into my eyes, 
She said. 
That’s where love resides.  
Look into them 
And you shall decipher, 
A route going down 
Into my heart.  
To know what’s in my heart, 
You need your eyes 
To look straight into mine 
And fathom  
What my heart desires.  
Mere words are not enough 
To express desires. 
Lips can never aspire 
To truly articulate 
A lover’s heart’s desire. 

Elements by The Blighters Rock

[1] Water 

she is water 
whether the cool rain 
that drips 
upon my lips 
or the waterfall 
crashing, dashing 
against my skin 
she is a whirlpool 
passionate driven power 
and she runs through my thoughts 
as both ocean and cloud. 

[2] Air 

she is air 
and strokes my cheek 
a breeze 
which eases 
or the stillness 
warm and humid 
before our storm breaks 
and I am lost 
to the heat of her breath 
awakening me 
inside and out 

[3] Earth 

she is earth 
drifting to and fro 
heaving secrets held 
only for when they bloom 
in colours infinite 
that paint and bleed 
on my barren flesh 
which under her plains 
spring forth 
as fertile meadows 

[4] Fire 

and she is fire 
enflamed desire 
on whose tongue 
I long to be consumed 
to ashen remains 
floating to the heavens 
from the volcano 
we are destined 
to become. 

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