13 thoughts on “Til Death Do Us Part

    1. I’m ok with “disposing” of those things in your life that just don’t work, but certainly, we should all make an effort to make it work. Sometimes it just can’t. And if we look historically, my guess it isn’t they were happier staying together back then, it was just frowned upon to make better decisions for themselves.


  1. Yep … I know this one …

    ‘Til Death Do Us Part

    She’s there, in that tall pale building of brick.
    Where the Nightingales care and tend to the sick.
    She’s there, away from home and her comforting bed.
    Where the Doctors try to fix the endless ills, from her head.

    She’s there, and her absence reminds me of future plights.
    Where the anxieties for her wellbeing, endure her fight.
    She’s there, and I need to visit her, all day and every night.
    Where the distance to reach her soul is out of sight.

    She’s there, and I’m wondering about that far away dome.
    Where her lost personal affection would leave her all alone.
    She’s there, in those misty clouds, with church bells ringing.
    Where she’s near to the sombre sounds of angels singing.

    She’s there, and her constant pain remains tight in my heart.
    Now I’m convinced, just like I said at the very start.
    There’s no place like home for her gathering dark.
    And I promise to her, again, ‘til death do us part.

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