Reblogs – Shanyu & Reena Saxena

Let the words fall out…

I am a poem by Shanyu

I came looking for a place to write upon your skin,
But it was far too gentle.
To hold the weight of my words.

I bought a sheet instead.

I went hunting for words in your precious smile,
But it hid pain far too vicious.
For me to even tame.

I bought a dictionary instead.

When I finally came looking for poetry in those lucid eyes,
Even the calm of your hazel dreams.
Jolted wide awake.

I could not buy a poem,
So I became one instead…

Escape from Oblivion by Reena Saxena

unspoken words
floating in steam
on coffee cups
trapped in prisons

eager to break
cages in air
and fly away
captured by keys

-a richer space
with all that’s lost
in deep silence

thoughts thank the keys
on man-made boards
for shapes given
in expression

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