Intermittent Survival

a fresh, new being could never imagine
how hard the struggle to live really is
but the signs are all around
     the pollution of our air, land and water
     plastic invading every system
     now, even on a microscopic level
     recent mass extinctions of too many species
     only experienced due to the inhabitants of this blue sphere

we’re being decimated, incrementally
     natural disasters
     the poisons from our food chain
     first world diseases
     prescription drugs
     nights of binge drinking
     and every other accepted form of death and destruction

we are always on the verge of getting shit on

life seeks to test our limitations
or try to destroy us by natural means
eradicate what has existed, well or not
never knowing whether we can make it through
yet hoping we do

     for what, we ask innocently and often

bolstering on with might and strength
     at times, with indifference

the will to thrive
established at birth 
keeps us going

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