JeanMarie Olivieri

My Failure

My complete and utter failure
as a dancer, singer, actress
has not taken away my desire to perform.
Never the top dog or celebrity,
I have no history of gutter scraping
debauchery either. I’m firmly rooted
in the middle of the pack,
dying of obscurity and boredom. 

I am not beautiful

but every now and then
I step out in my pearls and lace
and show off my plain face
as though
I am

Life Hurts

Learning to walk, or ride a bike
comes with boo-boos and bruises.
Prayer or wealth cannot save you
from stubbed toes and runny noses.

As we grow so do the blows
from failures, broken hearts, and funerals.

Embrace the pain like a caterpillar
that must dissolve into goo
before it gets wings.

To reach the other side
is to receive Grace.

My scars are old friends.
Pain transcends. 


It starts with a sigh,
a longing, an itch, a desire.
Pick up snacks.
Forget the map.
There will be a destination
in any direction we go.
It begins when ‘you are leaving…’
is in the rear-view mirror. 

Beautiful but Mean

She’s beautiful but mean
a calculating beauty queen

Treated well because of her looks
Any boy would carry her books

She knows her mind and how to work it,
what she wants and how to get it

She smiles and waves like she’s so nice
But her eyes are full of snow and ice

She must be tired. Beauty takes a lot of work.
But does that mean she has to be a jerk? 

Zucchini Squash Flowers

The orange flowers are edible.
Dredge them in flour.
Pan-fry, lightly.
I’ve seen it on the Food Network
but I’ve never eaten one.
It’s hard enough to get me to eat vegetables
when they look like they’re good for me.
Don’t force me to eat the decorations as well.
I can’t imagine Pretty tastes better than Practical.
Perhaps that’s why I only date ugly men.


JeanMarie Olivieri is a mostly retired business writer who mostly writes poetry. She has been published in several online journals and anthologies. She is a co-organizer for the Living Poetry Meetup group and an editor for the Heron Clan Poetry Anthology series. Follow her at This is JeanMarie’s first feature on The Short of It.


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    1. I’m very thankful that you submitted, JeanMarie! Your excellent thoughts line-up with The Short of It’s mission well! Happy to share you with my readers, dear. lol And if they did, so what. 😉

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