Reblogs – Jeanne & Joseph A. Pinto

Let us always go to great lengths and take the right paths which supply us with the most joy and happiness. We will find our bliss there.

Week in Review: B & W by Jeanne

Do you know golden 
the sticky glazed lover lips 
washed in sunny hues 
Happiness matters 
on stormy seas of teared eyes 
blinked in snug smile 
We’ll camouflage  
the pores which hold memories 
blackened by torrent 

sirenize by Joseph A. Pinto

a sea, a sea of freckles and it is between them i wish to trace your mythology through my tongue, to bring forth your sparkle the way you cast out all my dark. fingers dabbling in the wet i leave behind and if you and i have a name by then we’ll reimagine ourselves a thousand times. unhurried revolutions i will part your sphere of flesh and take you to a depth of essence you never thought you’d find. be mine. i want to gaze upon you nightly and know something in this great expanse makes sense and is all for me. 

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