when you live in a world
surrounded by nostalgic things
realize it was once progressive

you’ve come a long way, baby
farther than you’d ever thought
your adventure would go

you’re leaving behind a message
of where you have been
showing how far you’ve gone

30 thoughts on “Old-Fashioned

    1. I think this next 20 years will be like the last 50 years, and the 100 years before that. It just keeps getting more technologically advanced because we’ve built ourselves a great foundation for progress. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Keith! I loved your story. Actually, it is reminds me of a person who lived it!


  1. So many things have progressed over the years. It always make me smile to see the words ‘rotary phone’, something which is now so outmoded the new generation are baffled by its operation.

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