John Collins

Intellectual Beauty

Don’t judge the cover
Intellectual Beauty
Hiding in plain sight


Just let yourself be mindful
Open your heart, free your soul
Yearn no more and be JOY!

On a Day like This

Life doesn’t get any better than this
Soaking up the joy
From the radiance of our day star
Sitting is enough
Nothing to do
Watching the day go by
Gentle clouds soaring
Flying with the spirits of the sky

Open Love

No longer hiding
In Fear of insolent stares
Love for all to see

Safe Haven

Nightmares and Dreamscapes
Playground of the subconscious
Hiding Memories
Re-enacted, Translated
Safe haven for the mind’s eye

The Meaning of Us

Eyes see entwined souls
Hearts beat in time as one heart
Eternal Rapture


Author of Of Magick, Myths and Monsters and A Dark State of Mind; John is a self-proclaimed poet and storyteller. Hailing from the coastal city of Swansea in Wales, his passion for writing stems from his childhood imagination. It’s this passion that’s kept him fascinated, and a lover, with all things “Weird and Wonderful”. John was first featured in May 2020 as well as published in The Sound of Brilliance.


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