19 thoughts on “Satisdiction

  1. This is a great line Susi encompassing so much truth. It is an amazing thing to hug a homeless person, just ask first. Most homeless people are just like us that hit hard times rejected and forgotten. God hasn’t forgotten them.
    Your message with this picture says a thousand words. Blessings Susi, hugs Joni

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  2. I had to look the word up and it is right on point. We do that a lot with our elderly that we consider in the way or any other group we mentally marginalize. “Just get the heck out of the way.”

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    1. I’m not an etymologist so I dug a little deeper. Here’s what I found.

      “Origin: Although there are no actual accounts for the etymology of this word, it is assumed to originate from Greek. The privative prefix ‘an’ means ‘not’ or ‘without’; the Greek anape means love or brotherly love and ‘sis’ is the prefix representing a process.”


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