Reblogs – Kristin Kory & Bruised Rose Blossoms

Who are we on our own?

Dismantled by Kristin Kory

There was something in the way 
she dismantled herself— 
the way she pulled fire from the sun 
and burned; 
the way she lay face down 
in the rubble, breathing in 
ash and despair; 
the way she tasted the destruction 
before she carved herself anew 
from the black sky. 

This is an excerpt from a piece I’ve written for my book. 

Freestylin’ To: Echoberyl – A Prey by Bruised Rose Blossoms

how many times 
do I have to scrape the walls 

your face climbs 
the mountain of my heartbreak 

but all I can do 
is rain down upon the landscape 
of our painted past with the fire of regret 

you were wearing black 
and I couldn’t take my hands off your hips 
or my eyes off of the sparkle of mischief 
that was dancing from a thousand yous 

the broken mirror 
on the floor 

the throbbing heart 
in my chest 

something’s got to give 
because I cannot live like this anymore 

but still we dance 
inside the earthquaking halls 
of my dilapidated memory 

and somehow 
if I’m honest 

I still love 
what we were 

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