the darkness in this room
matches my own
as i pull the covers tighter
wrapping up in this cocoon, my shield
i sink into black

time stands still
for more than the RDA
the bed, a safe space
insulates me with warmth not felt
for eons

through the haze of awakening
flickers of the past emerge in my dreams
dead friends come to life again
fun family vacation scenes from long ago
friendships once broken, repaired

a kaleidoscope vision of possibility
tugs at the seam of my current dimmed perspective
perhaps loosening the hold of the darkness
perhaps hopelessness will find the path to depart
perhaps dreams will become reality

NOTE: I am not experiencing these feelings at this time. And RDA is short for Recommended Daily Allowance. 🙂

23 thoughts on “Perhaps

  1. A intriguing night of dark dreams Susi … you reminded me of this old piece that is in my files, yet to be posted …
    “Dark Night”
    The groaning of lustful lovers is timed out.
    Even the yapping canines
    are unusually quiet.
    Embraced in the arms
    of my double happiness,
    I give thanks for night’s arrival.
    Before you,
    when every corner was ink black
    and the world around
    then was I most deeply troubled.
    it’s not always black,
    you know.

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