Jaya Avendel


I pluck hearts from the sky
Count pennies amassed in fortune
On the moss cold
Under my concrete touch

When I read of Shakespeare
I see the strings in Romeo and Juliet and
I pull them.

Into Silence

I enter the bathroom and
Close the door

Steam from the bath
I indoctrinated with lavender
At noon
Tickles my ankles

I scream
Curl my voice around the trembling tile
With the cold steel taps
Dissolve like Epsom salts in water.

No one comes
No one is home.


She lingers between light and dark
Her eyes never open wide enough to
Reveal their true color
If she wakes
It is in the night
Where no one can see.


Everything is something else
In another form
Love is cruelty to someone else
Brutally pink; torn.
My dance is faulty
In the eyes of the soldier
Also inside me.


The shadows behind
The moon envelop me like |
The gentle touch of
A dying spring flower or
The gentler touch of starlight.


Jaya Avendel is a micro-poetess and word witch from the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia passionate about life where it intersects with writing and the dreamscapes lost in between. With writing published at Green Ink Poetry, Free Verse Revolution, and Visual Verse, among others, she writes and dreams at www.ninchronicles.com. Jaya was featured on The Short of It in 2020 and her work was published in the anthology – The Sound of Brilliance.


Submissions are now closed but if you’d like to be featured on The Short of It in the future,
click here for the submissions guidelines.


52 thoughts on “Jaya Avendel

  1. These are poems you could read over and over again, and still find something new. I like these little gems that say so much with so few words. That is not an easy thing to do! It is an art form to make every word matter…and you do that so beautifully!

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  2. Thank you for sharing so thoughtfully about the skills for micro-poetry, makes me more aware of how I make word choices when I write those. I have usually allowed them to come as they come. Each one of your poetry is truly beautifully crafted, I love how they flow from one to the other. My personal favorite is Awaken. I found it very brilliantly expressed.

    Liked by 3 people

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