Reblogs – lightsleeperbutheavydreamer & Murray Robertson

Life – two sides of the same coin, yet living is a dichotomy.

Anxiously Anxious by lightsleeperbutheavydreamer

Too much to say  
Nobody to hear 
Too much to share 
Nobody to care 
You walk alone 
On a stormy road 
You take a stroll 
Things under control 
For how long 
You can’t say 
The only option Is to walk away 
Not from life, no 
That never works 
But instead 
From the smirks and jerks 
Not a smooth transition 
Not an easy mission 
A gruesome process 
A complex mess 
A hateful stress 
You will remain alive 
You will learn to survive 
It gets better 
Then it gets worse 
It feels like a blessing 
Then like a curse 
That’s just life 
That’s how it is 
Not for everyone, but for you 
And many more maybe 
Amongst them an example is me 
You fall 
It hurts 
You break 
It aches 
I fall it hurts 
I break it aches 
I don’t know who needs this 
But I do know I’m one of them 
My need to write it 
Is nothing less 
Than my need to say 
That I don’t know 
Who you are 
And I know that it sounds bizarre 
But my fellow mental health warrior, 
You inspire me. 

the Garden by Murray Robertson

it grows
   as if
there was
   a plan

i go to see
   it when
      i can

   bright as
the colours
are, it seems

they feature
   greatly in
my dreams

   she sniffs
a flower
   as she

   and smiles,
and confesses

how wonderful
   this whole
world seems
      to be.

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