Pure Haiku – Ghostlight theme Acceptance!

So happy Freya to have this piece selected for the Ghostlight theme and to be in a group of such talented writers! ❀


travel to the stars
past conscious experience
into the surreal

Β© Susi Bocks

If you enjoy the short and succinct, join me at I Write Her for theΒ minutiae!Β 

This haiku is part of our Ghostlight theme.

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34 thoughts on “Pure Haiku – Ghostlight theme Acceptance!

      1. That is awesome, Ali! I do like the way you’re handling things. πŸ™‚ Definitely good to have a bit of downtime to spend with your favorite things.

        I just finished up a big reading project, and then onto the next phase next week. I’m excited to see it come alive. It’s a little hush, hush right now but eventually, I will be able to talk about it.

        Other than that, writing, reading, keeping my sanity in check and enjoying the good stuff! πŸ™‚

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