2021 Comes To A Close

Another year has gone by but somehow this year was much like the previous one. With Covid still being uppermost in our minds, and politics continuing to challenge our sanity, I’m frankly happy to put this one to bed and await something better at the clock striking Midnight soon. Maybe next year will finally free us to be more adventurous? Oh, yes, please…

But 2021 wasn’t all bad, especially not on WordPress!

Since the end of 2020, the views on I Write Her blog have nearly tripled and added a bit over 700 followers—WOW!! I am forever grateful to the readers for the love and support they show me each and every day! Not only do you inspire me, but I’m also thrilled to learn from you and grow with you too. Thank you!

While I didn’t submit as much as I would have wanted to this year, I was still very fortunate to have others showcase my work at these wonderful publications below.

10/23/21 Perpetual Pain – Edge of Humanity
10/15/21 Perpetual Pain – MasticadoresUSA
9/16/21 My Disappearance – MasticadoresUSA
5/25/21 DownpourEnnui, and Going Down in Through the Looking Glass Anthology – Published by Indie Blu(e)
4/20/21 Will As A God – Edge of Humanity
4/14/21 Mangia! – Edge of Humanity
4/10/21 Prolific Pulse Heart Beats Reading
4/5/21 Prolific Pulse Coffee Table Reading – Social Justice discussion & “The Sound of Brilliance” readings
3/27/2021 Heart Beats – Prolific Pulse Press Anthology
3/18/21 Reena’s Exploration Challenge #176 – If you are a book, what would the cover look like?

Don’t forget – submissions for The Short of It will officially close at Midnight tonight! This is your last chance to get them in! To date, I’ve received so many wonderful pieces that I’m excited to feature in 2022. I think you will enjoy the new voices, as well as the previously featured poets and writers. I look forward to sharing them all with you next year.

For those of you who would like to purchase the first anthology of featured poets and writers in 2020, click the link below the image!

What you can look forward to in 2022

The Short of It features will post every Friday, and the format and structure of all other postings will remain the same – one post/day featuring either challenges or prompts, and Redux & Reblogs once/week. For the most part, this will stay the same, unless I have something urgent I need to convey or if challenges change.

My focus will be on submitting to other publications again (let’s hope I will do more this upcoming year!) but also on creating a series of chapbooks that have been on my mind. More news to come on that front. 🙂

I hope that you all enjoy your New Year’s celebrations, in whichever way you choose to entertain yourselves, and please continue to remain safe, healthy, and happy!! Wishing you much joy!

I love you all!!

*Image credit for featured image – Moritz Knöringer – Unsplash

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