Reblogs – Jeff Flesch & Hemalatha Ramesh

Real love is eternal, isn’t it?

I love you by Jeff Flesch

heart broken into a million pieces, 
agony inside, the time in-between 
now and then, set aside 

for a moment, like an eternity, dreaming 
of other scenes, can’t possibly be reality, pulling 
me down into this demise… 

watching your hand leave mine, fingers outstretched 
into another time, breaking solidity, 

the filament continues to flicker, wavering 
in the night sky, pulling me towards belief, I 

remembering your face, holding you in arms, wide, 
trying to make another sky 

and portal to an alternative world, where the two 
remain together, not ever bidding each other 

instead, remain together they do, 
by simply saying 

I love you…  

Smirk by Hemalatha Ramesh

Their hands intertwined 
hearts allied, destiny and fate, 
smirked at a distance. 

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