Sasint – Pixabay

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #110

“Dear ยาย, did you have a good day?”

“Yes, หลานชาย. It was pleasant, not so hot again today. How was your schooling?

“So good! The teacher gave us a new tool to learn. It’s called a laptop. Here, let me show you how it works.”

“Well, it certainly is shiny. And indeed, it sits right on your lap! Ha Ha!”

“It doesn’t have to. You can put it on the desk, too,” he grinned back. “Okay, now ask me any question. I will type it into Google, and it will give us an answer.”

“So it’s really a Googler then?”

ยาย – yaai – Thai word used when referring to your grandmother from the mother’s side.
หลานชาย – H̄lān chāy – Thai word means grandson

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