The Burbs

Photomix company – Pixabay

Inspired by Sadje’s What do you see #108

they’d made it out
of the concrete jungle
the surroundings now
pleasant and uplifting
no police chases at 3 am
or ambulance runs shortly thereafter
birds whistling greeted them now
fresh, sweet-smelling air
wafted through the windows
chores made more pleasant
by a pleasing atmosphere
life was good!

the day started out
as any other
a hot, satisfying breakfast
lunches being made
cheeks and lips kissed goodbye with a smile
she looked forward to her day
the lady of the house
showered, primped, and dressed
she headed for the grocery store
tonight would be a special occasion
a celebration of his promotion
the fruits of his efforts to get ahead

she didn’t hear the car approach
as she closed the front door
and began to lock the deadbolt
her hand slipped from the keys
when the first bullet hit
the second one ripped through the back of her head
and pierced the wooden frame
her body crumpled to the ground
blood oozing rhythmically from her fatal wounds
a last thought crossed her mind
before fading into darkness
“the grass wasn’t greener on the other side”

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